Let Skillroads AI Career Service do all the tedious and time-consuming work for you. Our algorithms investigate your professional interests, analyze background, get all your high priority skills defined, and, as a result - instantly create a resume, cover letter, provide a perfect job match together with interview preparation help.

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Thank you, @kwdinc for hunting us! Hey, ProductHunt contributors! Imagine, what if algorithms help people writing their curriculum, suggest skills and remind about tasks we've done on a previous job? That's exactly what our AI Career Builder does. No need to force yourself writing your resume or cover letter now — just insert basic data into a system and get professional personalized resume instantly, cover letter, list of job opportunities suitable for you according to your preferences and suggestions and interview/onboarding help. We are super excited to present you our AI career builder Skillroads. The job market is so competitive today and we were driven with the desire to help job seekers in pursuing career they have been always dreaming of. Skillroads is not just a common resume builder or career builder service, our website is designated to people willing to get a full career guidance. With some of my team-mates over the last 5 years we have already helped dozens of students and professionals in different industries with their career development. Although in 2017 we met a group of developers, working on nature language processing and algorithms able to track and predict user’s behaviour and preferences, — so we came out with an idea — why not create personalized career platform. So we have accumulated a treasure trove of knowledge and skills we gained before and implemented the latest technologies and Artificial Intelligence to turn the daunting job search into the smooth process to take your career to the next level. We provide a wide range of career services: * Online resume and cover letter builder powered by AI can create an outstanding resume/cover letter within minutes. * Imagine, not techology can write everything instead of you — just input some of you data and identify the best suitable skillset from the proposed list and let AI write everything for you! * Our online resume checker that allow customers getting their resume reviewed for the most common resume problems and spelling errors in order to fix it, make a resume more professional and make sure you’d pass ATS * Interview tips based on basic information about your job expectation * Personalized list of local top job opening, listed according to your resume That are the most significant but not the last features we’ve made for now. Enjoy! Your feedback, ideas and comments are highly appreciated!
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@kwdinc @maria_isaieva Do you guarantee a refund if Skillroads doesn't attract any attention from recruiters and/or industry? What's your money back guarantee?
@hadeslimbs thanks for the question! All our clients have never had any issues with job application. Obviously, only if you're applying for a relevant job according to your experience, and surely its hard to guarantee anything if if you're an engineer applying for an actor job :) Nevertheless we guarantee unlimited number of resume revision and also AI resume review to check if your resume is good enough and your application passes ATS and get's right to hiring manager. Also Skillroads guarantees to apply any fixes and changes upon your request to your application form if needed to get a desired job.

I'm lucky to have used Skillroads to achieve my professional goal. Hooray!

It's easy to use resume builder. I got my resume really fast and it was polished and redesigned just perfectly! Thank you for such a great tool for all the employers-to-be!


The resume contacted by Skillroads landed me a job I wanted!


I can't delete watermark from my resume for free

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if you landed a job, why are you listed as CEO of WOW?
Hi Product Hunt Community! Finally, Skillroads is at ProductHunt! First, thank you for your contribution to @ProductHunt community, sharing advices and success stories has helped us a lot. Last year we have launched AI Career service - Skillroads, designated especially for job hunters. We have implemented innovations and modern technologies to make the job application process easier. For me as an entrepreneur career service is a challenge that will open new horizons and push it to new heights. Skillroads` main goal is to make job searching process easier for people in any industry and of any level of experience. The history of our resume writing business goes back to 2006 when the first project appeared. While working on this project, we have gained a better understanding of the field and realized a burning need to implement innovations. Inspired by numerous startups, we came up with an idea of a completely new breakthrough service and that’s how Skillroads AI Career Builder started. Skillroads solves the following issues: 1) poor writing skills, which result in a bad resume 2) most job seekers don’t know the best way to structurize the information and format it into a document 3) the lack of time to conduct a great resume and to search the most relevant job opening Considering all the described issues, we have implemented the latest technologies that help job seekers in creating professional resumes and cover letters. In addition, smart algorithms allow our clients to access personalized list of job openings. Respectively, we offer a wide range of career development services, like: Resume and cover letter builder LinkedIn profile editing Resume and cover letter writing Professional Resume Design Interview help Resume checker Personalized list of vacancies Free Resume samples I'd appreciate if you could checking out our product and give your feedback. Let`s shape our product together! Warm regards, Oleksii Vitchenko
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who else thought this was SilkRoad :D
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@rickats came here to comment that 😂
@rickats well it wasn't done on purpose, hehe)) although some people even mistype our product name)
@rickats hahahah)))))))))))

The best resume builder I've seen so far. I've got a professional-looking resume in no time, but it will be highly recommended to add some other resume layouts. I'd like to have more options!


I've created a resume within seconds and I'm sure other job seekers would find it helpful too.


There's only one standardized resume layout. I'd add more.

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