The first wooden chef knife.

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Beautiful knife, beautiful video. I just don't understand why this is better than an all-metal knife (with or without a wooden handle), especially when it comes to the lifetime of the blade.
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@mikengarrett Wondering the same here. It is a beautiful knife, but is there really something else than that?
@rohillion @mikengarrett same question from me aswell :)
@mikengarrett they said they save on the amount of steel used to make a knife by about 30:1 since only 3% of the knife is metal.
@dougdidntdoit It doesn't sound like that makes it cheaper to produce. They're asking €169 to €189 while similar price points for normal knives on kickstarter are $50 - $100, eg. or
@mikengarrett @dougdidntdoit The price point feels high compared to like products that are full steel. These are beautiful but I feel like they may not be the most practical thing.
I love to cook and i do love my knifes. Cleaning high quality knifes (especially those you´ve used for poultry...) is always a problem if you can´t put them in the dish washer. Love the craftsmanship and the design. They seem to have production in place and figured out how to make these knifes in various designs and metal/wood combinations. The campaign has still 19 days to go and funding goal has almost been reached.
I don't get it. I would think this was actually a joke if they weren't actually take pledges. How is this better?
@elpocho ...but, wood.
@wuss Haha! Good point. I think i'll crowdfund and make stainless steel toothpicks. Bespoke (of course) and last forever. :)
@elpocho Better yet, toothpicks made of solidified Siracha. That way whatever you actually pick out out of your teeth can be immediately eaten again with a bit of Siracha on it.
Beautiful knife, but it would be for veg only in my kitchen because sanitation. And someone (me) would forget. And it would be a beautiful knife in a drawer. Maybe I missed the part about the ick-proof sealant?
@kkdub From their Kickstarter: Wood has many great characteristics: Robinia and Walnut, the woods of our choice have a very high percentage of tannin. Tannin is the stuff that kills bacteria and gives wood the ability of self-cleaning. Consequently, all you need for cleaning your //SKID is warm water. On top it is durable and lightweight, harder than oak and a renewable resource. They address a lot of the questions that people have had here on ProductHunt over on there Kickstarter. I'm sure there are a lot of 'misconceptions (?) that they want to disprove and break through for this product! It is a great looking knife for sure, they've got that going for them!
This is a thing of beauty.