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Ski Resort List is a way to choose your next ski holiday. Find resorts based on whether they are quiet/party, luxury/cheap, have cars/car-free. Each resort also displays an adult lift pass price as well as the number of pistes/trails by level of difficulty. There is also a link to a Telegram chat group where you can arrange meet ups with snowmads.

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Using of ReactSymbols, Bootstrap or so takes you two more hours to make it beautiful or acceptable. Current UI is not OK even for MVP.




Fix your UI before release, thanks.

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Hey, I made this to help skiers and boarders find resorts to go to. I couldn't find anything similar so i decided to make a Nomad List style website for snow lovers :) If you have any questions, let me know...
@petecodes would be awesome to sort by price.
@william_falloon thanks, I will be adding that feature as a priority.
Nice idea and great that you are validating so fast. Don't care about the UI as long as I can get the info I want!
@jrmarciniak thanks! I will work on the UI but I'm noob AF
What is the pricing based off of? It's a little unclear. For example your site says that Zermatt is 435 CHF per week. However, I just got back from Zermatt, Switzerland last weekend and I will tell you that I spent about 435 CHF per day! Seriously it cost me about $3,000 (CHF and USD are pretty similar) for the week. The idea is cool. It's not ready for product hunt though. Would be cool to add some collaboration and crowdsourcing to the list to increase its practicality. Right now it doesn't add much value since it lists their altitude, some arbitrary hashtags, and the number of routes each location has, and thats about it. So it doesn't really help me get information about any location as it stands right now.
@_jacurtis hi, so the price is for an adult lift pass for a week. So i guess I have to make that clearer. What other info would you want covered? It's early days but I think having info like is there a pool and is it a quiet/party resort is useful for families. Plus, you can see piste info and compare it side by side with others.
@_jacurtis I've made a new version where the lift pass is clearly showed on hover and you can now filter with buttons instead of the search box.
I'm not sure what the value proposition is here, there is many websites with comprehensive lists of ski resorts, including how far they are away from your address, the snow fall etc. Nomad list served a unique niche that was not being served. This is serving a very large niche that is fairly well serviced as far as I'm aware.
@luikohl ok, show me one of these ski websites? I couldn't find any that had all this info on one page like Nomad List.
@petecodes I normally use: or You're right that they don't have the same layout as this one, however they have a lot of useful information. I'm a keen snowboarder so I can definitely imagine useful functionality that could be added but as it stands now, the value proposition of having a list with images vs. having a deep database that can be sorted in quite a granular way means that the existing sites have a big advantage. To improve funtionality, you could allow the user to add their location and then see nearby resorts, further you could sort the nearby resorts by highest predicted snowfall or highest snowfall for the season etc. Hope that helps!
@luikohl ok, thanks for the ideas. It is a work in progress but those are good points.
@petecodes My pleasure mate, good luck with the project!