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Henry Poydar
Henry PoydarMaker@henrypoydar · Founder, 8012 Labs
Hi all. Author and skier here. Scratched an itch and built this for myself last spring. The initial objective was to simply collect and map clutter/ad free mountain conditions using social feeds and the awesome API. This season I moved the interesting part - the Instagram shots from skiers/boarders - to the front and center. If I'm not skiing it's nice to see somewhat live pictures straight from the mountains. Feedback welcome!
esther park
esther park@estherpark · product manager
I love it! Ski season is officially upon us and I'm now booking all my trips. I love the map view and leaderboard. Would love to see my favorite mountains side by side so I can make smarter decisions on which mountain to hit first based on the data available (ex. need to decide if I want to go to Breck or Snowbird for NYE and comparing snow conditions). Would also love to see a badge on the mountain page for where my Epic pass (or other season passes) are valid.
Henry Poydar
Henry PoydarMaker@henrypoydar · Founder, 8012 Labs
@estherpark Thanks! You can favorite the mountains you are interested by clicking the hearts next to their names on their pages and then compare them side by side on the "Favorites" page. Epic Pass badges sound interesting - we'll look into it! (Thanks for the rationalization to get one!)
Henry Poydar
Henry PoydarMaker@henrypoydar · Founder, 8012 Labs
Ski Juice was re-released last week with the ability to log in with an Instagram account and upvote images. Feedback welcome!