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Nicolas Mangano
Nicolas ManganoMaker@nfmangano · SketchTogether (by Molimur)
Hi ProductHunters, thanks for having us on here (Also big thank you to @picsoung for hunting us)! SketchTogether is a realtime whiteboard for teams that need to discuss and make decisions about visual content like mockups, design artifacts, and even brainstorming sessions. We started SketchTogether for two big reasons: (1) working together on visual is hard. In my previous work I interviewed professionals in disciplines like aerospace engineering, software developers, and interaction designers, and the one recurring problem was that it was frustrating to design together remotely. They had to rely on screensharing apps because their visual design tools didn't match how they work. Reason (2) is that we're remote too. When my closest collaborator moved back from California to Italy, we wanted to continue the same kind of high quality conversations as we did when we shared a whiteborad in the same space. SketchTogether was our answer to that. Slack was one of the first integrations we introduced because it's at the center of how we work and communicate remotely. If you'd like to see it in action, we'll be hosting two Blabs today: SketchTogether ProductHunt Q&A 1 @ 9am PDT: SketchTogether ProductHunt Q&A 2 @ 12pm PDT: Also, a big thanks to the OC incubator that has been hosting us, which was featured in the LA Times today:
joel@drjoelpalath · Founder
@nfmangano have you ever used InvisionApp? That's a pretty amazing tool for rapid prototyping
micheluzzoMaker@micheluzzo · co-founder, SketchTogether
@drjoelpalath @nfmangano Invision is indeed a great app for prototyping, but where we think SketchTogether shines is in even earlier stages of design, when you're forming your ideas working with others. What we tried to do is recreate the same environment that you have at a physical whiteboard (even while being miles apart), which is typically used to communicate ideas as quickly as possible without needing to make things look "nice". Once you've done that, you can of course refine your ideas, propose alternatives, share them with others, etc.
Nicolas Mangano
Nicolas ManganoMaker@nfmangano · SketchTogether (by Molimur)
@drjoelpalath @nfmangano Thanks joel, indeed InvisionApp is a great tool! Most notably, the way that I see it used often (and spoken to teams that have used it) has been for high fidelity prototyping. InvisionApp is good for sharing professional looking mockups, getting early feedback by letting users click through mockups, and keeping a detailed record of the UI's evolution. For SketchTogether, it's like @micheluzzo says, the type of work that happens in SketchTogether is more of freeform brainstorming or immediately communicating annotations on screenshots (things that may get sketched on the back of a cocktail napkin:, or more exciting examples here: SketchTogether has a greater emphasis on the realtime aspect by making the sketching experience fluid and easy to express new ideas through sketching/annotated images. Hope that helps!
Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHunterHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
SketchTogether is an interesting tool for teams that use whiteboard to collaborate. It works well for remote team or to share notes during conferences. Slack integration make it totally integrated with your team :)
Rae Hamilton
Rae Hamilton@designsellout · Digital Art Director, Rhythm
This is awesome for UX Brainstorming meetings... and Slack Integration is tops.
joel@drjoelpalath · Founder
@designsellout gotta love brainstorming sessions on UX! are you a flat design fan? Im a big fan of it: