Beautifully hand-drawn sketch notes for live events

Watch live in realtime as professional artists draw sketch notes for in-person or online conferences, meetups and other events from around the world. Sketches are usually funny, entertaining and highly informative.

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Thanks for hunting @wwwalkerrun @jeffwhelpley seems like a pretty novel concept - what sparked the idea and how do you see it developing?
@wwwalkerrun @abadesi Hi. So, the story behind SketchPoints is that Nathan and I were working on a talk for ng-conf ( and we wanted to build a "real" product to demonstrate some of the technical ideas for multi-platform development. We both loved the work of Andy McNally ( and other sketch note artists so Nathan was the one that suggested we build a platform for sketch artists to share their work in a fun and engaging way. Now that we have it out there, though, we love it and have big plans. First up is that today (i.e. 4/18/2018), we are using SketchPoints for all ng-conf talks and we are telling everyone about it during our talk in the afternoon. The long term vision, though, is that artists will be creating cool sketch art for thousands of different events every day from conferences to TV shows to soccer matches. I would love it if (as a consumer of sketch art), I could use SketchPoints to watch sketch notes being draw in real time for nearly any event I am interested in (think of it like how you can jump on Twitter today and see instantly what people are thinking about popular events in real time). Thanks for checking out SketchPoints. Please share with your friends and let me know if you have any questions. There will start to be a lot of new art coming into the app once the conference starts at 9am Mountain Time today.
@wwwalkerrun @abadesi I wrote up a quick blog post explaining the story behind SketchPoints:
Love it! Simple and highly effective. +1
@roblav96 Thanks! I think we are only scratching the surface of what is possible here.
Well done, Nathan and Jeff! Exciting to see the NativeScript integration in all this awesome cross-plat goodness!
i mean... this is a crazy cool fun app... and a technological feat at the same time. it's the Matrix of PH apps!

Awesome idea! I look forward to what the artistic community can do with this tool!


Built on the Angular Platform!


You have to draw stuff!