Learn Sketch shortkeys easily w/ keyboard stickers

SketchKeys is a sticker set for your keyboard, designed to help you remember every producive Sketch shortcut.

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Artiom Dashinsky
Product Designer, Author & Maker
Hey guys, I'm the creator of SketchKeys 💪 After moving from Photoshop to Sketch I noticed how faster my design workflow became. Recently I noticed that learning Sketch shortcuts improves my workflow significantly. So I built stickers that will help other designers to remember and to learn new shortcuts and improve their workflow 🔥🔥 Also I created a Twitter account with additional tips for Sketch workflow: Let me know if you have any questions!
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Jeff FrazierUI/UX Designer at BestFit Mobile
@hvost - The stickers for keys 1, 2, 3, and 0: Need to have the "!", "@", "#", and ")" printed on them, too! This is a major oversight and is keeping me from purchasing 2 sets of stickers! You can not cover up or hide the original keyboard functions.
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Keith Barney
Sr UX/UI Designer & Developer
Converted! Excited to try em out.
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Ariel VerberDigital Designer
Need (design faster) found, awesome + cheap solution!
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This is cool ;)
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