Ready to print wireframing sketch sheets 📱

Sketchize is a free wireframing kit that contains a set of printable device sketch sheets. It is built for UI/UX Designers to help them design lovely apps for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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Loving this @babilkuyusu 🙌 As far as I can see, these are only printouts for now? It'd be great to have a Sketch version of it too for digital wireframing 👍
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@amrith thank you for your interest. You're right, for now there is only the printable pdf files, but in the future I'm going to add Sketch and Adobe XD versions of the templates, then you can make digital wireframing too. :)
Whiteboard support would be awesome.
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@vivix86 Hi Benny. What did you mean by whiteboard support?
@babilkuyusu Ah I think I misunderstood "Convert your ideas into wireframes". I thought the point was to take a picture of a real-world drawing with the app, and it would convert it to a digital wireframe via some vector tracing algorithm.
@vivix86 Hi Benny! How clever of you to think of it. For now, unfortunatelly, we chose the oldschool path to drive people start right from the beginning to design lovely interfaces by drawing. But in the future, I don't see any obstacles to do it in your way.