Sketch + chat. Messaging with drawing.

Not sure if its a bug, but its not clear how to finish a drawing to then send. I spent ages tapping the screen causing it to draw more lines on the page, but no obvious option to end drawing or send a drawing?
@mattnavarra I had the same challenge, but ended up figuring it out. You make the image smaller (two fingers) and that will take you to a dashboard where you can decide to share (swipe to the left) or delete (swipe to the right). Its a novel app, I think there are some fun use cases for it. They need a simple tutorial or some sort of initial queues to help the user connect the dots. Because I agree, while the drawing was intuitive - the steps after were not super clear.
@mattnavarra @corleyh Great! Thanks, duly noted. We'll be working on that. Any other feedback welcome!
I can't wait to try this later.
Not available in the Aussie appstore. Aren’t we compatible with this product?