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#5 Product of the DayDecember 19, 2014
You might want to think about improving your front page. I don't understand what this is supposed to be. You talk about downloading files but I don't know what Sketch is. The top of your front page should tell me what it is.
@therpgfanatic I use Sketch everyday and I don't know what this website is supposed to do... maybe a more descriptive name would be helpful?
@therpgfanatic @lee94josh Thanks for the feedback! I am currently brainstorming about ways to emphasis the "TV" more and how to communicate more clearly what Sketchapp TV is about. Do you have any ideas how to contribute to a better understanding of what this site is about?
Looks really cool. Really love sketch and want to get better at it. That scrolling on the homepage tho!
We are currently having a contest where you can win a Sketch copy :) if you don't own one already link is on the index page.