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I'm happy to announce that SketchApp.rocks is live! It is about high quality Sketch plugins, resources, tutorials and all other great things related to Sketch. Sketch has become designers' favorite tool and its awesome community played a big role in there. That's why I'm calling you to stay awesome and submit your favorite gems to SketchApp.rocks. This is just a start, more cool things to be included in future. Please visit the website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
@milosmilikic Good work man! :)
@0therplanet Thank you Luboš! :)
@milosmilikic Wow, really beautiful and useful. Being a developer and always on the search for good icons the site seems to provide some useful resources.
@dabeku Glad you like it!
Wonderful resource! Just installed Craft.
Really nice, you need a search! :)
@kevin_granger Haha, will have Algolia in mind :)
Great resource!