Turn hand-drawn design into a HTML with AI. By Microsoft.

#1 Product of the WeekDecember 30, 2019
A Custom Vision Model trained to perform object recognition against HTML hand drawn patterns is used to detect meaningful design elements into an image.
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This is so Microsoft 😂
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Unless this produces perfect, no-fluff HTML, it's better to just code it yourself. I mean, you're going to create custom class names anyway so how much time is this really saving? For those that hate layout, you can learn CSS Grid in an afternoon, which makes layout easy, and even visual with 'grid-template-areas'. Also, this link is currently dead.
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Hey @titusdecali, i reached out the Sketch2code team just in case - the experiment seems to work now. Happy holidays!
@titusdecali I think it's meant for non-technical people.
I think Uizard is way ahead of this.
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Great stuff! Seen Microsoft just releasing something similar!
@blockfacts This literally is Microsoft. You can even see it in the screenshots 😂
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How did this get 475 upvotes with so few comments? Are people really still using HTML?