Your artboards laid out precisely the way you left them in Sketch. Viewable in the browser on any device.

New in Version 2:

Intuitive Controls: Canvas, just like Sketch

Minimap: Never leave an artboard unseen

Changelog: See whats change from version to version

Collaborate: Invite others to work with you

Manage Access: Introducing private files

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I like how the ecosystem around Sketch evolved , nice tool by the way
@cherifmahiedine we love Sketch! It's done wonders for our design process.
This would be cool if we could see previews in dropbox, its such a pain in the ***
@marktmcewan +1 but for Google Drive :)
How does this compare to something like InVision?
@jesse__muller InVision is a great product for design prototyping and has a ton of extra features. SketchViewer is a simple tool to make viewing & sharing existing .sketch files on the web easy.
Co-creator here: We also have pixel diffing between versions very close to done. Also integrating directly into Sketch App is on the list. Please let us know whatever features you would like to see added.
@quinton_pike highlighting diffs in versions would be AMAZING! For me it's a major pain point in design-to-dev process. And solutions we found for this so far are not so compelling.
@quinton_pike adding commenting directly on sketches for creators and collaborators would be awesome!
@rvirb Try it out: Click the right side ( latest version ) to see the pixel diffing.
@quinton_pike Looks great! Is this live? Can't see it on my files ... Do you have different colours for additions vs subtractions or is it all the same yellow? Thanks for making an awesome tool!
Nice clean tool