Sketch to Xcode

The fastest way to get colors from Sketch to Xcode.

Need to get all your colors from design to production? Sketch to Xcode does exactly that. Simply drop in your Sketch file, choose the colors you want and export them as Color Assets and Swift code.
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This is the thing which I was wanting since I started my iOS Developer path
@ilia_stukalov awesome glad to hear it! Keen to hear your thoughts or if you have any feedback for us.
This looks great! Do you have a way to trial the product?
@josh_kissel1 Hi Josh, unfortunately we don’t have a trial as we decided to with a one time paid model over subscription. Would a preview video help or are you more curious to try it on your own project?
Hello, I’m the co-maker of Sketch to Xcode. My partner and I are always looking to improve our design to production workflow so we made this app. Our goal is create a fast and painless pipeline between Sketch and Xcode. Currently we support color handoff (including dark mode) but we plan on adding typography, assets and syncing between Sketch and Xcode projects. Here's some reasons why we think you might like our app. Great for Developers: - Speed up your workflow and save the hassle of copying over values and creating Color Assets manually. - Works with Sketch files so you don’t need a Sketch license. - Unnamed colors are automatically given natural names including alpha variations. - Customise code naming convention. Great for Designers: - Hand off colors without any knowledge of Xcode or Swift code. - Get perfect color accuracy every time with color profiles from your Sketch file being applied automatically. - Create Dark Mode ready assets directly in Sketch by simply naming the color with a Light and Dark prefix. - Supports colors, layer styles and layer fills from your document or library. Feel free to ask me any questions!
What is the benefit of using this verses zeplin? Not a criticism, just curious.
@solveforux Zeplin is a great product, our team uses it at work. The main benefit I think is that you don’t need to manage anything in the cloud, you can just drop in your Sketch file and get the colors you want quickly. The second thing would be the price, if you’re actively working on more than one project Zeplin can get quite pricey for small/indie teams. Feature wise I think we’re probably on par when it comes to just color exporting to Xcode with the exception that we handle Dark Mode and will be adding High Contrast soon. I like to think of our product as a nimble utility and products like Zeplin as a way to manage your design system/hand offs. Hope that answers your question.
I'll buy this app just to help fellow macOS developers. I love seeing so well designed mac apps for developers. Quick question: does this support SwiftUI Color format?
@bionik6 Thank you for the support! We don’t support SwiftUI at the moment but we will definitely look into it for an update.