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Generate App Store images for all iPhone sizes from Sketch

#4 Product of the WeekNovember 13, 2014
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With the new iPhones, it's now a huge pain to create screenshots for iTunes Connect. This tool was created to save a ton of time. Happy to answer any questions and please post feedback here!
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@mulligan very helpful- thanks for making this!
@kunaltandon thanks! please share and send feedback!
@mulligan Instant love! Thanks for doing this. Was, quite literally, sitting and creating these images when this popped up.
@mulligan This is amazing! Thanks for making this.
Felt emotional and almost cried (of joy) once I clicked the link! Only thing missing though...iPad!
@adrianleb Will be adding iPad at some point. iPhone was a bigger pain point to start with. :)
Seriously loving this tool Brenden! killer work. here is a sample of shots from the new @Tiiny 2 coming out soon
this is just awesome, thank you for making this!
@alexmuench thank you! please send feedback!
This is great! Saving me a ton of time versioning and uploading AS images.