Sketch Talk

A community for Sketch users of all skill levels

Hey everyone With Sketch Talk I want to create the missing spot for all Sketch users, to come and learn, to exchange and discuss about using this wonderful design app. As a UI designer coming from an Adobe based workflow, Sketch has been such a revelation. It's lightweight and fun to work with. Using it daily and trying to find the best workflows, collaborating with developers, and sometimes having to deal with annoying bugs, brings up many questions. Questions that I knew other Sketch users would also have or even know the answers. There are lot of great Sketch resources out there, but sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for. Try searching for "Sketch" on Google… Well, here it is now! My humble effort to bring the community together. Let's talk about Sketch. Happy to hear your thoughts and feedback! - Olivier
Update: Sketch Talk is now on It's much easier to say and remember.
From the moderator/creator, @snowfish2000: "I think that there's a need for a place to talk about using Bohemian Coding's Sketch App with other designers. To learn and exchange knowledge, best practices, tips&tricks, design approaches, etc. At the moment, there's only a FB group that is used mostly for bug reports and quick fixes, some random stuff on Twitter, a few tutorials on Medium or other blogs, plus sites with tons of free .sketch resources to download. But no place to discuss and talk about learning Sketch, getting better, improving working with Sketch and exchanging know-how."