Sketch Notebook Plugin

Documenting Sketchapp artboards made easy

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Love it! It would be great if we could change the top header by adding or removing items, currently it takes a lot of space with information I don't need.
@marcvsvidal How do we get notified of updates?
@herkulano Hola Herculano! Thanks for your kind words. With every update, I send an email with the details :)
Cool Sketch plugin for annotating designs and managing sidebar comments for documentation.
any feedback appreciated :)
@marcvsvidal Just started using this and it's great for me to track ideas that I come up with while designing and want to implement later. It would be really great if there was some integration with this and too edit: nevermind about the Zeplin integration. Now I realize that if I export with it toggled on it also shows up in Zeplin. Very cool and convenient!
@benwtnb but it'd be really nice if zeplin could sync the annotations from the plugin with their app :)
One of my favorite Sketch plugins that I use often. I recently showed this plugin to my design team and they love it!