Sketch Manager

Manage Sketch symbols, text and layer styles easily

#3 Product of the DayJuly 01, 2019
Use Sketch Manager to speed up your daily workflow.
Whether you want to change a Text Style or a Symbol, you can now all do it in one plugin.
- Create folders
- Rename items
- Find unused symbols & styles
- Delete items
- Duplicate symbols & styles
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3 Reviews5.0/5
This looks a lot like an internal tool used at Facebook for managing design system assets across a number of apps, including Sketch.
@chrismessina I’d love to see how internal design tools at big companies look like.
Sketch Manager is the combination of three great plugins aiming to improve the workflow of designers using Sketch by improving Symbols, Text and Layer styles management.
Looks great! You are making life of all Sketch users much easier. Congrats!
Looks so awesome!
Looks great and sounds like it would keep projects much tidier as well. If only there was a trial version I could give a whirl before buying :(
@addison_taylor I've got some good news for you my friend. I'm working as we speak on the free trial version. I'll update you when it's available.
@peerjollux Awesome, can't wait to give it a try!
@addison_taylor @peerjollux hi there. I would also love to trial the manager. Will tho be an announcement when it is ready? Thank you
@addison_taylor @peerjollux I was looking for this as well. Cheers!!!
@addison_taylor @peerjollux How do licenses work? In other words if I have two computers I use Sketch on, do I have to purchase 2 separate licenses?