Sketch Manager

Manage Sketch symbols, text and layer styles easily

Use Sketch Manager to speed up your daily workflow.
Whether you want to change a Text Style or a Symbol, you can now all do it in one plugin.
- Create folders
- Rename items
- Find unused symbols & styles
- Delete items
- Duplicate symbols & styles
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3 Reviews5.0/5
This looks a lot like an internal tool used at Facebook for managing design system assets across a number of apps, including Sketch.
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@chrismessina I’d love to see how internal design tools at big companies look like.
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Looks great! You are making life of all Sketch users much easier. Congrats!
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I have been waiting for this tool.
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Sketch Manager is the combination of three great plugins aiming to improve the workflow of designers using Sketch by improving Symbols, Text and Layer styles management.
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Looks so awesome!
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