Sketch Icons

Generate a dynamic icon library in less than 5 minutes

A Sketch plugin that allows you to import a set of icons and automatically apply a color mask.

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Hey Product Hunt! I have the great pleasure of introducing you Sketch Icons. We created this sketch plugin allowing to import a set of icons and automatically apply a color mask (from a library, if you want). It has never been easier to create a dynamic icons library in less than 5 minutes. I wrote a Medium article to explain what a dynamic icon is and how to use the plugin: Here is the Github direct: Have a nice day!
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@valentinchrt Very helpful plugin. In Adobe XD, I just adding Fontawesome as font, and that's how I use icons easy. Anyway, re-shared it on

To the creators... I got so excited of using the plugin that I made a quick video demoing the product. I hope you like it:


Easy to use. Works like a charm


Some icons (very rarely) wouldn't scale down to the size of the artboard.

Useful video Pablo, tnx for sharing.
Wow, really cool Pablo. I like it! I added your video in my article 🙌
For importing icons alone, this seems like the bees-knees.
Looks great! I added it to my Made in 🇫🇷 collection
404 at your medium link. please, fix it up
@kamushken Fixed! Thank you :)