Sketch Deck

Need PowerPoint but hate using it? Get PPTs from sketches.

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Hi Product Hunt, I'm Chris, one of the founders of SketchDeck. Happy to answer any questions you have on the product. We're running a free trial this month, so rather than explain the service in words, just give it a try on the website. If you have to make make PowerPoint slides, this is a must for you! Chris
I love this concept. Playing with it now
@ChrisFinneral I'm a big fan of your SlideRater. Very cool! Great way to get automatic feedback on improving your PowerPoint slides. How does it actually work? What exactly are you analyzing on each slide?
Hello! Thanks, glad you like it. It opens your powerpoint file, then analyses the text, graphics and colours. It identifies common pitfalls, then advises you how to improve them. It tells you if your reading age is too high, if you've put too much text or bullet points on slides. It also lets you know how good your colour palette is for readability, and if you've hit the sweet spot of number of graphics.