Sketch Cloud

Upload Sketch documents and share them with the world

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Pumped to see this beta finally drop- very cool. Its been great to watch this one evolve and has been a blast regularly syncing/working with the Sketch crew on Craft stuff as well. Kudos to their whole team- the future is bright. Excited for our future collaborations. :)
Sketch Cloud beta has just been announced in the Sketch 39 release. Although it's targeted at simply sharing Sketch assets (with symbols intact!), this could be a powerful hedge against InVision and Adobe for the future of cloud-based design collaboration tools that feature a desktop native component. You can register for the beta in Sketch 39's preferences:
I'm looking forward to this! Sometimes I just want to show a client the designs -not an actual prototype. This seems like a quick and gorgeous way to do that.
This is super exciting and really positions Sketch as a true replacement to Photoshop. I'd be hard pressed to see any UI/UX designers even using Adobe in years to come. I barely open it anymore myself.