Chatbot that debates your ideas

Skepticbot is a chatbot that debates with you about topics such as philosophy, politics, economics, etc. It's still in its early stages of development. If you have a position or argument you want Skepticbot to address, post or message us on Facebook.
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Idea is nice, execution is awful. Even for a bot it is extremely dumb. Sorry.
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This is a hilarious idea
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Seconding the "great idea, poor execution" comment. I don't think describing this as a chatbot is entirely accurate, it feels more like a form disguised in a chat window. Even basic inputs like "hello" are disregarded. I would prefer to use a novelty like this in a similar UI as Cleverbot, not a small chat window (I think the current implementation detracts from the UX). Love the concept, though. A little more work and attention to UX could make this an entertaining and enlightening tool!
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@chris_germano Thanks for letting me know what you think! I just made the chat window full screen. Good point about the basic inputs. That’s something I should fix.
<3 <3 <3
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Hi everyone, Reading, or listening to someone make an argument is fun and all, but what if there were virtual dialogue agents that could debate and engage in dialogue with us whenever we wanted? I’m making a chatbot/intelligent tutoring system that debates with you about things like philosophy, politics, and economics. Dialogue agents like Skepticbot present the possibility of having the educational tool of dialogue at our fingertips at all times. Inspired by the Ancient Greek and Roman Skeptics like Pyrrho, Sextus Empiricus, and other philosophers like Socrates, Descartes, and David Hume, Skepticbot is designed to ask skeptical questions in response to positions and arguments you make. The bot is in its early stages of development where I am continuously adding new positions and arguments and would be interested to hear what people would want to debate with it about. I’ve been using IBM Watson Assistant to make Skepticbot but intend in the future to remake it in Python/maybe use a framework like Rasa NLU. Also, if you have a position or argument you want Skepticbot to address, post or message us on Facebook. Thanks!
@jackson_karel This seems like amazing concept. I would love to contribute to the project in any way I can, especially to help create the content you need for feeding the bot. Let me know if I could help in any way.
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@bhavi_patel Thanks so much! Feel free to email us at with any positions or arguments you would like to see in Skepticbot.