Skeleton 2.0

A dead simple, responsive CSS boilerplate.

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Tyler EwingSoftware Engineer at Gazelle
The demo landing page example is nice at only ~150 lines, helps you launch a site even faster!
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Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ ExerAI.
Nice lightweight CSS structure for simple landers and minimal webpages.
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Carol SkellyMaker / developer / built @CodeplyApp
Skeleton is perfect if you're looking for a minimal grid & blank canvas on which to implement your own design elements/style. It's super lightweight and versatile,
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Eric AndersonFounder & CEO at
It's fantastic to see 2.0! I loved Skeleton and the idea of having something super lightweight without forcing a heavy UI kit on you. 1.0 started to feel a bit dated so it's fantastic to see 2.0 out. I'll be making this my default css framework going forward! Great work.