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Hey everybody, We’re super excited you’re here! We started this journey to give people the ability to travel anywhere -- events, concerts, cities, ski weekends – with others headed in the same direction on-demand. We were obsessed with the idea of being able to comfortably, affordably, and without a car, access our favorite destinations. Not so long ago, we were a team of four working hard to help people reach their favorite destinations in Boston and New York. Since then, we’ve grown to a brilliant and hardworking team of 11 (and counting – visit our jobs page!), enabling almost 80,000 people to ride through our site and iOS app across Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington, and Philadelphia. Today that changes. Starting today, you are able to Skedaddle from anywhere in the United States! We are so excited to help you travel and explore across the country. Feel free to reach out to us with questions at and start riding today!
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Who's driving? Are these independent contractors who are taking the routes or employees that you schedule for the routes. Also, if you can take me to and from ski resorts, I'm sold.
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@kyle_visner Hey Kyle, Great question. We contract directly with the highest quality charter bus operators in an area that have idle/extra capacity. They either have commercial drivers on staff or contract out commercial drivers on their own. We work hard to vet each company and each driver. Most importantly, we can get you to and from ski resorts every weekend! We will also push you notifications when routes are started that may be interesting to you nearby.
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So it's kind of like demand aggregation for bus routes. I wonder how long it takes to reach critical mass on most routes...
@chrismessina Hey Chris! Each route needs only 10 riders to go live. The first person to reserve rides free and the next nine riders receive a 20% discount, so routes tend to fill up pretty quickly.
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I'm so excited to see Skedaddle has finally expanded to the West Coast! I had the pleasure of working with Craig Nestler, one of the cofounders at his last company. Can't wait to schedule a bus to Santa Cruz!
@jimmydouglas Thanks, Jimmy! Excited to have you ride soon!
@adam_nestler Looks like a great product! I hope this comes to Canada soon. This would be awesome between Calgary<>Banff, Edmonton, Vancouver, plus all the ski slopes. Especially for conferences. What are you international expansion plans?
@tombielecki Hey, Tom! We are looking into Canada very closely and should be there shortly. We allow routes from the US to Canada and back, but not organically Canadian routes (yet). Will keep you updated in the coming months!