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TheWatchlyst@thewatchlyst · Price Tracker for online shopping
A solid alternative price tracker -
Aashay Kumar
Aashay Kumar@aashaykumar92 · Founder, Skanout
Hey I'm one of the founders. In case the title isn't clear, here's our tagline: Submit a link to a product you want, the price it currently is, and the price you want it for--we'll run a search for you, for as long as you want. And we'll send you a link to the best deal we find, no strings attached. Background of the idea: Search is at the heart of our everyday lives. But there is such a thing as annoying searches. Think about when you want a certain product but it is too expensive. You probably try all the different websites that sell that product but then realize you will have to do this everyday to see if the price comes down. It is annoying and quite frankly, a waste of your time. We're trying to solve this problem and perform these searches for you. Any and all feedback to the website, service, or anything else would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)