Rails SaaS starter kit (just $79 one-time)

Sjabloon is a modern Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit. It includes authentication, payments with Stripe, huge UI components library and much more. Focus on your core product right from the start.

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Hello there! πŸ‘‹ A few months ago I launched Startup Costs. The first version of it was built in less than 8 hours. β€œHow?”, I was asked. And the answer is a: Rails template. A template to kickstart any Rails application that adds common gems, configuration and views. To help other Ruby on Rails kickstart their new applications too, I productised this template into Sjabloon. It's a web UI that lets you customise the template to fit your needs. You can then use and reuse it for every project you need. Some highlighted features: - add authentication, including views and config using Devise; - set up SMTP for transaction emails, Mailgun only for now; - add / analytics snippet, Google Analyics, Clicky and Simple Analytics are supported; - add and setup error monitoring, included are Bugsnag, Sentry and Appsignal; - Common UI components built with Tailwind Css, many more will be included. Coming soon features: - Transactional email design; - GDPR compliance; - Newsletter subscribe on sign up. πŸ€” How does it work? After sign up / payment: - you customise a template, add which analytics suite and error monitoring you use and more; - get unique line of code with a customised template, eg. "rails new -m …"; - after your new app is initialised, check the README for some additional set up; - you are now ready to add the core features of your product. It's early stage still, but got some great ideas for it already. Curious to hear yours too! 🎊 SPECIAL PRODUCT HUNT DEAL 🎊 If you sign up and buy today you can use the code PH2K18 for 30% discount (valid until 31/12/2018 23:59)
@eelcojellema Hey! I like the idea, especially the ability to choose the tools you want. Check out Blueprint ( it's an open source Rails boilerplate I created a couple of months ago.
@mnlfrgr Yeah, so many people, so many options! πŸ™‚ Proven to be really useful to some makers already! πŸ’ͺ Will be adding other tools and services soon too. Thanks for checking it out!
I have always considered doing a very similar thing to this... Great work! Hope it does well for you :+1:
@stewartjarod Thanks! ✌️ It's early stage still and lots of things to addβ€”it's the balance between needed-for-everyone and edge-cases, but will talk to the first customers. They all get 12 months updates for free!
@eelcojellema I tried to send email on your support@.. but it failed
@ansaridevv oops. new domain, much have set some faulty dns record. Sorry about that. Could you try again in a bit and otherwise you can DM me here.