Fully managed experts marketplace for SaaS companies

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Hey Product Hunt! My name’s David. I’m one of the co-founders of Sixty. We’re a fully managed experts marketplace for SaaS companies. Basically that means, if you have a SaaS product and want to improve your activation and retention, we can spin up a marketplace for you that fully-stocked with top tier experts. We’ll even put it on your subdomain. The reason we built this is because we were “Squarespace Specialists” (experts on Squarespace’s marketplace) years ago and we saw a lot of ways to improve the concept. Platform Features: - Recruiting, vetting, and managing of experts - On-demand, scheduled, and offline sessions - 100% data transparency - you know every expert, review, session, and user that’s in our system (siloed to your app) - Real-time support via screenshare Service types within the app: - Instant Sessions - Users can summon an expert to help via screenshare in under 5 minutes. - Scheduled Sessions - Every expert has their schedule synced live into our system so users can book at their convenience for real-time screenshare sessions. - Offline - traditional do-it-for-me (not on screenshare) Ask me anything about the platform! Would love to chat and hear your feedback!
I'm a SquareSpace expert for Sixty, and this is a fantastic way to get people immediate help at just the right time, when they need it. Throughout the past year I've been assisting clients via screen-share with their websites, performing tweaks, changes, and even building full sites within a matter of hours. I'm so excited for us to grow into other apps and SaaS products to help even more people!
@jmabeebiz Thanks for the love, Justin! You're an ace!
Congrats on the launch!! :)
@gustaf Appreciate you Gustaf!
@gustaf Couldn't have done it without you!
@gustaf Many thanks for all your help thus far!
This is awesome and actually something I was going to have to build for a project. The project probably wont be ready for launch before about 4 months from now, but when it is, I will definitely be attempting to integrate this.
@gregghoush Glad to know this would be valuable to you! I'd love to get your feedback on how to make Sixty even better in the meantime as well.
Great to see you guys on here! I used your service a couple weeks ago and had an awesome experience.