Travel ideas in 1000 locations accross 190 countries

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65% of travelers begin researching travel destinations online before making a booking, and more than half of them do not know where to travel to once they start the booking process (source: Google 2014 Travelers' Road to Decision). Having already built, which lets users score destinations on 23 travel themes (beaches, mountains, adventure, romance, etc.) and lets you use those ratings to browse and filter destinations. The Travelindicator universe now covers nearly 1,000 destinations across 190 countries - we had this rich amount of data to play with, and a very complete solution for those looking for travel inspiration. We realized however, that many people booking a trip really not only had no idea on *where* to go to, but on top of that they also had no idea exactly *what* kind of holiday they wanted. That's why we are now presenting SixTripz. Powered by Travelindicator data, SixTripz gives you six quick travel ideas for 10 travel themes. These are randomly picked on every load, and for each destination we show you the distance (which you can filter so that only places closer to you are shown), temperature and a quick review.
Very thankful to be featured on Product Hunt for the second time, thank you! SixTripz is a fun side project that was created to leverage our growing info-rich database on travel destinations, but to make it a bit easier to jump on and find a cool place you might want to check out on your next adventure. You can read more about it on our blog here: and on our Medium page: Hope you enjoy, please feel free to send us any feedback, questions and other stuff. Cheers, Nik.