SixColors App

Mix and match colors in a Tetris-like puzzle game

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John Exley
John ExleyHunter@johnexley · Sales, Yieldmo
Built by @avive, who is best known for creating the awesome DJ app, "DJ Mixer 3": SixColors is the first game I've become addicted to since getting an iPad for my birthday last month. The app has two games, "Tap 4" and "Rows". In Tap 4, your goal is to tap as many 4-block combinations of the same color as possible, in two minutes. You can mix different color blocks together as well. For example, by swiping blue and red together you create a purple block. Green mixed with purple makes blue... and so on and so forth. I love it. It's kind of like Tetris, and I think it's pretty fun.
Scott Feinberg
Scott Feinberg@scottefein · Developer Evangelist, WePay
Wow this oddly addicting. @avive, what led you to decide to build this?
Aviv Eyal
Aviv EyalMaker@avive · Musicsoft Arts
@scottefein I dreamt about the game play one night and found nothing close in the App Store so I went ahead and built it...
Aviv Eyal
Aviv EyalMaker@avive · Musicsoft Arts
Thanks for the post @johnexley - please try out the free included game - there are 5 additional ones to unlock. Enjoy!
Neal Ostrov
Neal Ostrov@saul_goodson · Mobile Consultant
Extremely addicting. It's amazing how you made something as simple as mixing colors, such an engaging concept. It's the perfect blend of simplicity and progressive difficulty.
Asher Snyder
Asher Snyder@asherraph · Founder, Mesh Labs Inc.
My older brother created the first version I've ever seen of this called "Acrylix" about 16 years years ago back in Hypercard, and then Metacard (now LiveCode). I believe he even created an iOS app a few years back. I'll have to reach out to him and see how it compares. Will post findings.