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Hey Hunters, It’s Mykola from sixa. Happy to announce we’ve launched. Sixa is the personal computer in the cloud. With the service, you can use a wide range of devices (like phones, tablets, old laptops, or SmartTVs) to access a powerful virtual computer without having to buy new hardware. Sixa offers custom computers for developers, designers, and gamers with pre-installed software for various use cases and USB over network to connect user’s devices to a personal cloud computer. Back us and make sure to enjoy your personal powerful computer in the cloud. Huge thanks in advance for the upvotes! Let me know if you have any questions.
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@mykomi The screencast shows a few software titles for "Designer" version, are those the same pre-installed packages as in "Dev" version? It looks like most of them are freeware, what about Sublime Text 3? Do I need my own license?
@witcogroup We got a base package of pre-installed software, for all computers. You need to bring your own licenses.
If this sounds fun and you are itching for a super fast cloud computer today, checkout Paperspace (YCW15) . We have our own streaming protocol and all of our machines also have GPUs. One key difference is that we can also run everything directly in a web browser which works great on chromebooks, etc. We have also been pretty oversubscribed so if you hit the waitlist definitely reach out to me directly :)
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@dlnrb As an original crowdfunding backer of the Paperspace hardware, I got in early on the software offering and I have to say I was shockingly impressed at the quality and speeds when interfacing with my Paperspace. I used it as a dedicated gaming machine in the cloud which kinda blows my mind.
Sixa is aiming to solve having your entire computer stored in the cloud, allowing you to access your software and applications from anywhere. You can read coverage on VentureBeat
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this seems like a great idea! i also like the "oversubscriped" marketing move. for real, i wanna try it NOW, haha. however, your little animation on the main website is obviously implying bullshit. no matter how fast your servers are and how good my connection is - its always faster to send something to my own hardware. obviously. maybe the animation should express more that the actual calculation is done much faster once it reaches your server.
@gopietz I don't know how much of a marketing move this really is. There are lots of company's similar to this that have gotten big feedback from users and quickly run out of computers to rent out to people and the just slowly go silent. It will be interesting to see how they do as I am super excited for it as well.
@gopietz I think the speed graphic is related to replacing "obsolete PCs" by using the service - Sixa supercomputer vs your 10-year old desktop
@gopietz I guess, that's more an unexpected PH featuring, rather than marketing move :)
@gopietz Marketing move or not, IT MAKES ME WANT IT NOW or just pay without even trying it for free!!
I was INCREDIBLY skeptical about this when I first heard about it. Personal cloud computing in the cloud has been a pipe dream for a decade, but I had the opportunity to try this a week ago and holy crap was it amazing. I was recently thinking about upgrading my ~4 year old macbook pro (13", 8gb) but decided to sign up for this instead.
@yuris Yuri thank you for support.