Six Times Four

Use the first principles of business - disrupt your industry

Use the Six Times Four method to come up with new business ideas, assess what threats and opportunities are present in an industry, or simply to map out the entire chessboard of your industry of choice to figure out where your business stands.
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Hello ProductHunt! 👋 Janet here, Swedish startup lawyer by trade and creator of Six Times Four. I’m thrilled, and a little nervous, to finally be able to share this system with you all. I came up with the initial idea years ago when trying to find a truly innovative idea for the legal industry. I could not find a system that really let me see what was going on and I decided to make my own system, and thus Six Times Four was born. ❓ Problem Disruption can wreak havoc on existing businesses in any industry. We all know the stories of Airbnb, Uber, and Tinder. In the past, there have not been many ways of predicting what a future disruptor may look like or when they may be able to launch. It has been equally difficult for startups to know if they have a true opportunity for disruption on their hands or even to tailor their ideas for maximum industry disruption. 💡 Solution Six Times Four takes the guesswork out of innovation and lets you predictably find both threats and opportunities for setting a new benchmark in any industry. To make the system easy to use it has been designed as one single board that, once filled out, shows you the exact layout of the chessboard of your industry. You can use Six Times Four to: - brainstorm new business ideas - find threats and opportunities for a SWOT analysis - evaluate an entire industry for investment opportunities 👉 How do you usually approach monitoring your industry for disruption opportunities and/or threats? I would love to hear what your normal process looks likes and what tools you use to help you. If you have any tips, suggestions, or just wanna say hi, please drop a line below, I'll be very happy to talk about it! Special ProductHunt discount offer: You get 50% off all products and Moongrab sessions with the code producthunt.

It's very logical and grounded. Promotes clear thinking. Definitely worth checking out.


Legit very useful framework for analyzing different industries. Very clear, rational, logical.


It does take at least a couple hours to do thoroughly — that said, the insights are legit useful.

Fun format. Think board game + introspection + strategic analysis = business opportunities. This is a novel way to identify how your business can grow.


Useful, logical method to hunt down industry opportunities either for investing or business growth purposes.


Takes some time to get it dialed in, but very useful insights.

We used 6x4 for an idea generation workshop at our Coworking space. It was very well received by a crowd of solopreneurs. I personally loved the structure and the insights