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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Nice project by @jadlimcaco (who also made Famous Outfits) - Check out the review of PH here! Product Hunters receive 20% off their first review with coupon code STARTUP.
Jad LimcacoMaker@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
@bramk Thanks Bram! Appreciate you posting SiteSesh here :)
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
@jadlimcaco @bramk This is awesome!
Jad LimcacoMaker@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
Hi guys, my name is Jad and I made SiteSesh as a side project. I'm a big fan of moving quickly, and I built the site and started the service the same day that I got the idea. We've already done quite a bit of reviews, and our users say that they have received some valuable feedback and changes for their website. What will make this different from UserTesting or Usebrain? SiteSesh is a video review service where I will be reviewing websites, but critiquing the design and user experience, rather than just giving an impression. This will make my reviews different because with most user testing services, they are being reviewed by just ordinary internet users who might not necessarily have any knowledge of design or ux. (Which isn't a bad thing.) My target audience would be other designers working on their websites, or startups, businesses who are looking for a second and fresh opinion of their website. Feel free to ask me anything about the service and try us out. Like @bramk mentioned, Product Hunters receive 20% off their first review with coupon code STARTUP. CC: You might want to check out the video review we did of Product Hunt a few weeks back. @rrhoover and the team have since implemented a couple of our suggestions on the site 😃
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
@jadlimcaco Just signed up. Looks great. My quick 2 cents: I'd love the option to pay with PayPal. I personally do not like using PayPal on my own startup but sometimes it's just easier when in a hurry to pay quickly.
Jeseph Meyers@jesephm · Partner, Queen City Media
Glad to see this featured here, I stumbled on it a couple weeks ago and love the idea. It's always great to get a second pair of eyes on a project to see what I'm missing! Ordered my review this morning, be kind ;)
Jad LimcacoMaker@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
@jesephm I appreciate it Jeseph! I'll definitely be kind but I'll try not to hold back on the feedback 😃
Jad LimcacoMaker@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
Thanks for the feedback Aaron. I've actually had someone else ask about PayPal as well. I'll work on adding it to the site.