Convert your website to a static site in one click

Sitesauce converts your dynamic website (like a WordPress blog) into a static website in one click. It also keeps the site updated when your content changes. This will help you reduce server costs and page load times and increase scalability and security.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt! I'm Miguel Piedrafita, an 18-year-old maker. After being frustrated about the many difficulties of setting up and maintaining a static blog powered by Ghost, I decided to build a tool that would generate the site automatically without me needing to do anything. After 8 months of work, I had created a complete platform that automatically generated and deployed any website to Vercel. 🚀 Generate and deploy a static site for any website in one click 🔄 Keep your content updated with your server 📨 Proxy endpoints to your server, so your forms and APIs continue working 🏡 Or deploy your sites from localhost without even needing a server I'm super excited to finally get this out into the world! Let me know if you have any questions 😁
‪Amazing work, Miguel! I'm impressed by the quality of your product. It's well designed, the copy is pretty good and the service is useful. 👏💯‬
@syswarren Thank you! Let's hope others think the same 😁
Nice to see this launched, Miguel - well done!
@leandro8209 Thanks Leandro!
Miguel is an incredibly dedicated maker and one of the real ones out there. He's shipped this thing from scratch and it's been inspiring to witness. Fantastic ship!
@matteing Thanks Sergio!
Impressive project 🙌! Congratulations!