SitePoint Premium 2.0

We help you learn to code — now with better learning tools.

SitePoint brings tech books to life.
- Ideal for text-oriented learners in a video world
- New reader makes absorbing text comfortable
- Interactive code playgrounds
- Fast search, granular bookmarking
- Books from SitePoint, Wiley, Packt + more added daily
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SitePoint Premium helps you learn to code, whether you're new to development or you're an experienced developer who needs to keep up with new technology. We've put a lot of effort into reworking SitePoint Premium over the last six months. We've built a great reader that makes reading texts at the computer more comfortable. We've added live code playgrounds and granular bookmarking for learning reinforcement and easy indexation. Formerly monolithic texts are now digestible, interactive, and searchable. We're constantly developing new material to cover the latest technologies, such as our recent Vue additions. We've also partnered with major technical publishers like Wiley and Packt and are adding their books to our reader platform daily. Most developer education platforms today are focused on delivering information via video. We know that there are a lot of text-oriented learners out there who don't have as many options. If that's you, it could be worth giving our revamped product a go.
I've been a member of SitePoint for MANY years and they are always my first go-to for information, training, and all things dev. It is one of the most invaluable resources for developers today on the Internet, and I can't recommend it highly enough!
@jon_guenther Hi Jon. Thanks for the kind words and your continued support over the years! We're currently working on a bunch of new books and content for the platform, I hope you continue to find it helpful!
I have learned a lot on SitePoint. The books are of great quality and they also have video courses. They cover a lot of topics and all the time they update the content so you can be sure you never become outdated. I also like their Versioning newsletter.
@camilobuitrago Thanks Camilo! We've been hard at work updating and adding new books into our library, so we can continue to provide you with all the web dev essentials you need!