Modify any website in real-time. Share it with the world.

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This is really cool but it would be much much cooler if it had public directory of mods created by others people.
@serafindominik working on something in this direction, it should be up in a few days, thanks!
Creative idea, although I'm unsure how to edit the page. When I enter a URL, the page appears as expected but I'm only able to append HTML at the end of the page, before the closing tag. Am I missing something, @luigimeclea?
@rrhoover you can do any modifications (add/edit/remove nodes, css & html) with javascript. Check out the source code of this page: https://www-producthunt-com-6333... - I've added an extra button near the comment buttons for each hunt. And another example on, on the right under the add to cart button - https://www-amazon-com-3bc9aa5ae... If you have a specific edit in mind I can give it try for you :)
@luigimeclea what's the benefit of this over standard developer tools' inspect feature? i can do all that there.
@thejeremycarson the main benefit is that you can share it. Any edit from the developer tools remains with you for eternity :)
@sandrojazzar we will do that, thanks! In the meantime you can go to, in the upper right corner of the page click on the speech bubble icon and I will guide you on the live chat
I do miss Greasemonkey.
@chrismessina Yeah it feels like Greasemonkey and Glitch had a baby. Cool idea!
@chrismessina I remember when I first stumbled upon Greasemonkey, was really impressed, disruptive technology for the web at the time. I don't know why but milliondollarhomepage came to my mind, remember? 😁
@just2jays thanks! Let me know if you use it and what can be improved.
Not bad. How does it works?
@dailius_j go to, in the upper right corner of the page click on the speech bubble icon and I will guide you
Isn't this just "inspect element"?
@angus_halen it's inspect element but after you modify the website you can share the modified version. With inspect element you can't do that :)