All-in-one website design and client management software

Sitejet is one of a kind, high performance CMS with robust web design project management capabilities that lets web designers create phenomenal responsive websites- fast, while also giving you a platform to efficiently service those websites in.

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Hey, Product Hunters—Hendrik from Sitejet here! Back in 2013, my team and I started a web design company. Along the way, we coded a piece of in-house software and used it to design and run over 4,000 (!) b2b client websites. Now we’re releasing it to the public as Sitejet. 🙌 Sitejet is the all-in-one system we’ve used and developed for years to create a tool that combines fast and creative web design with uncomplicated client management. And here’s what it does: 🖥 Streamlines client communication, assets, and revisions into one interface 💪 Combines a blazingly fast visual editor with powerful custom and well-structured coding ⚙️ Automates repetitive design tasks through a variety of templates and presets combined with lots of shortcuts 👫 Manages client information, account details, hosting, and customer relations We’re still learning from early users and would love your feedback! Enjoy 👍
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