A simple, open-source, drag-and-drop, flat-file CMS

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Clicked Try Demo: "File not found." Awkward lol. Looks cool though. (Also on Hacker News right now.)
@kicksopenminds Ouch. Looks like both download and demo are working now!
@kicksopenminds Sorry, Sitecake server was overwhelmed by ProductHunt and HackerNews visits so demo part crashed. It should work now!
Seems very cool. Kind of scary that it edits the raw html - so much power... Thanks for creating this!
Haven't tried it out yet but seems a bit like a more user-friendly Jekyll - a simple CMS with no database needed. Seems like a fun/easy way to stand up a website.
Very nice, solves a pain I've seen solved with custom pipelines at many companies I've been at in the past, and seen a handful of projects attempt to address. This seems like a dead simple solution with a clever setup process. Bravo!
@bcjordan Thanks!! We wanted to stay simple as possible in each aspect. So HTML pages for templates, file system for storage and drag and drop for editing.
Love this idea, but not loving how the demo appears on my android...
Demo is bootstrap starter template. It's responsive as it is. Sitecake works with responsive templates, but it's up to template designer to make it work on different platforms properly.