Site credits for everyone on a website team.

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Lee Lance
@leelance · Co-Founder, SiteBy
Hey everyone. We built SiteBy to create a space where everyone on a website team can get credit for their role. We'd love for you to sign up on the site and list your work and give us feedback on how to make this become a valuable tool for you. Check out this Medium article that explains a little more about it and why we built it: https://medium.com/siteby/w… See more
Robb Bennett
@robbbennett · Co-Founder, SiteBy
I had lots of fun building this site. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Scott Cook
@cook · Co-Founder & Design Lead @SiteBy
This is an incredible resource, web creators. Go and sign up! Great things to come.
Nathaniel Blackburn
@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
Great resource, would love to add content from other sources like Dribble and GitHub (already voted on that feature).
Darshan Gajara
@weirdowizard · Product Designer
Interesting project to credit the creators.