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Sitebulb is a website crawler for Windows and Mac that actually audits your site for you, presenting comprehensive lists of prioritised, context-specific hints that bubble up important issues. Sitebulb's intuitive visualizations help you understand deep-rooted issues and better communicate complex ideas with your clients or colleagues.

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Hi everyone, I'm the co-founder of Sitebulb. Myself and Gareth (the other co-founder) will be on-hand all day to answer any questions. We started Sitebulb with a vision of creating a website crawler that combines the power and reporting functionality of a cloud-based crawler, with the cost and convenience of a desktop one. Some of the specific pain points we’re addressing are: 1. Scale – Sitebulb saves to a database rather than storing crawl data in RAM, meaning a typical desktop computer can comfortably crawl 500,000+ page websites. 2. Reporting – the reports are designed to highlight potential issues and help SEOs get to the root of the problem without having to manipulate a ton of data. 3. Visualization – Sitebulb’s interactive Crawl Maps help solve one of the most pervasive issues with technical SEO: understanding and communicating website structure. It’s always been important to us that our products are affordable to pretty much anyone doing SEO, which is one of the reasons we’ve focused on desktop products. Our ultimate goal is to help small agencies and consultants do amazing technical SEO work. There's a free 2 week trial for everyone, with no credit card required - just head over to the site and download. If you've got feedback about the tool; we'd love to hear from you. Patrick P.S. Thanks @riaface for Hunting us!
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This looks really awesome. Solid mix of visualization and presentation of opportunities for improvement. Excited to give it a whirl!
@peytonhayslette Thanks Peyton, glad you like the look of it. Any questions just ping me.
My favorite part of Sitebulb, especially compared to other, similar products has been the organization of the crawl information. It's just a little bit more in-line with what I'm looking for when auditing a website for any issues.
@fighto Thanks for the comment Paul. We tried as best we could to approach it from the perspective of: 'when doing an audit for SEO, how do users work through each section.' Although we had to rip it apart and put it back together again more than a few times!
I've been using the beta of this product and it's fantastic. Has replaced Deep Crawl, the former gold standard in technical SEO crawl tools, and gives a nice clear overview of issues to fix. I'm sure there's more to come and they've been responsive to feedback and bugs through the beta, so looking forward to seeing how Sitebulb continues to improve in future. Question for you @hathawayp; where do you see Sitebulb going in the future? Any features you were keen to include that didn't make it to this initial launch?
@tomdavenport Hey Tom, thanks for the kind words :) There are a few big features which we are really keen to build, which definitely seem to be in demand based on our feedback so far: - 'Printable' Reports: Generating PDF reports automatically for users, either to be shared internally or sent to clients. - Segments: Allowing users to segment their site based on page type (e.g. 'products', 'blog posts') and building reports/drilldowns based on these segments. - Scheduling: Allowing users not only to queue (as they can now) but also to schedule crawls to run at a specific time.
My agency has been a beta user for the last 6 months and we're pleased with where the product is at. It's better than certain loud amphibians and tech crawlers named after evil space aliens.
LOL thanks @cygnusseo - and thanks for your assistance with our launch and throughout the beta. So many helpful people in our community :)