Chatbot to create personal websites in a few minutes.

Hey everyone!
Sitebot is a Chatbot based on Facebook Messenger that allows you to create your own personal website by just chatting and answering a few questions. The personal website can be shared on social media or can be used as an online business card.
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Hey everyone! The Idea for Sitebot came whilst I was talking to a friend and asking him if he has a personal website. He told me that he thought it wouldn't be worth the effort. Therefore I started thinking about wether or not there would be an easy way for non-technical people to create their own website without making a single mouse-click. After playing around with Bots I decided to create Sitebot - a Chatbot that allows you to create your own personal website by just chatting with the bot. Let me know what you think!
Absolutely love this! Such an intuitive/engaging way to create a personalised website. Would love to see the option to host custom domains πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood thanks! We're working on adding custom domains soon Β πŸ‘

It's great to see people with fun ideas able to build something without the barrier of writing all the code.


Very cute, friendly, and free. It's an engaging way of creating a fun, online business card.


Further templates, but I know it's coming.

It's a really cute, and fun idea. I love seeing people able to bring their ideas to life. It also serves a useful purpose as an online business card.
its so helpful