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Expertrec helps you to build a internal site search for your website in 5 minutes without any coding. 50% Discount for organizations fighting against covid 19-
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Hey PH Community! With Expertrec, every website owner will be able to add fast and relevant search in just a few clicks. Other features include search with voice, PDF search, drag, and drop UI builder, crawling behind login pages and image search. We will be happy to hear your thoughts on our product and answer all your questions. There is a free 14day trial for all. Flat 75$ off for product hunt users across all plans. Use code PH75 at checkout.
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Here is what we believe (top 7) what a search should be and why. Please shed your valuable inputs and suggestions. Feel free to add other things that you think are equally important for a search, that didn't get to this top 7 list. 1. Search is important. Search is going to be a major way of discovery for any given website. People are not going to be patient enough to try browsing your menus. Even our control panel has a search bar to search the menus and features. 2. Speed is paramount. Every ms counts. We have worked a lot to bring our server-side latency to sub ms, so with network latency added, it is still very fast. To bring down the network latency, we have multiple edge nodes at every major continent. 3. Reliability is very important. When search is the major way of discovery, it cannot be going down. High inter-cloud redundancy along with consistency becomes important. Every replica has to be in sync and ready to take over if need be. 4. Relevance/Ranking - both good and customizable. Tweaking IR score is the heart of a good search. We had made our default as good as possible, taking into account hints like priority in your sitemap, different sections of the HTML like the main article vs the surrounding text, meta-keywords, and meta-descriptions, etc. This directly leverages all the SEO optimizations done by the site owner. Still, if the default is not good enough, every account has a separate ranking logic that can be controlled from the control panel by simple drag and drop. (Which gets decoded down to a complex IR equation behind the scene). Our in-house search experts can get your search fine-tuned as well if needed. 5. Interface matters. Getting an interface that users can comfortably engage with both on mobile and desktop is quite important. It should also gel well with the site’s look and feel and should not stand out. Our aim is to have a gallery of popular themes. Currently, we have 2 - a square and a rounded theme to get you started. You can always customise the way you want from these start points. 6. Rich data. If you have rich data supported in your page, our search engine understands it. Things like price, currency, brand, etc will directly appear in your search display. They can also be used for custom ranking if need be. 7. Voice. On a mobile device, voice is one of the preferred ways of searching. If you have an https site and a supported browser (chrome is the leader here), you will directly get your voice search working.
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Great Job!!
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@sibasamal Thanks a lot! Hope you liked it
What do you use on your backend guys? Elastic?
@vladkorobov we want much control on ranking, hence we mostly work at lucene level. Which gets wrapped by Solr.
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very cool! We'll see how our visitors use this over the next couple months.