Site Palette PRO

Freemium API for semantic website colour extraction

Site Palette PRO provides a super-simple API (first 100 requests are free) for generating comprehensive and harmonious palettes of any weblink. A feature requested by ProductHunters after Site Palette Extension launch.

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We've launched Site Palette extensions in the end of March 2018: Thanks to the awesome power of ProductHunt, the project was warmly welcomed and got substantial traction. Site Palette has been accepted to Safari Extension Gallery, got featured by @InVisionApp, @webdesigndepot and other prominent tech aggregators. The charts are looking quite good at the moment. In short, this is what Site Palette extension does. In just a click, I can get various palettes, containing harmonious colour, that can be fine-tuned, downloaded in Sketch and Adobe formats. Here is the for The right set of colours is the solid foundation for the best designs possible. All extensions are free and available for all browsers. - Chrome: - Firefox: - Safari: Then, @brad_mitchell, @dharmesh, @robin_lambert and many people on Twitter asked for an API that does pretty much the same thing, it went like that: – Me: Is that kind of thing you're talking about? – PHers: Yes, exactly, and this would return a JSON with the color palettes :) So, we did precisely that. Check this out, Site Palette PRO provides API for semantic colour extraction: Here is how it works: our server is _actually loading the pages_ in a virtual browser and takes screenshots, then several methods are used to figure out the main colours and combine them into the sets of harmonious colours. Enjoy! Ping me if you need more features.

The auto-generated Sketch templates this thing churns out are a thing of a beauty


Super helpful design tool