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#3 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2018

Site Palette is a free Chrome extension that generates palettes based on a webpage colours.

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I've been running, the design and development studio in New Zealand, for almost 10 years now. It is not unusual to get to work on the web design kind of project. Each time we ask clients to provide references: the websites or projects they like. A bunch of links instantly helps to understand the job requirements and match client's expectations. Let's say, we've got several links of 'the looks I like generally' from the client: - - - Which colours exactly do I use in the early design drafts? Here comes Site Palette extension. In just a click, I can get various palettes, containing harmonious colour, that can be fine-tuned, downloaded in Sketch and Adobe formats. - Stripe: - Crisp: - Mixpanel: Features: - Several palette generators supported: The colours are collected in-browser, using JS. We've picked several best-performing opensource libraries for that. - Shareable links created: these can be sent to clients, they don't have to install anything! - Preview palette image available for download - Download auto-generated Sketch template - NEW! Adobe Swatch support added - Play with the palettes at (we're not associated with them) - Fine-tune the palettes at Google Art Palette The right set of colours is the solid foundation for the best designs possible. It's free. Enjoy and spread the word!
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@stas_kulesh I normally do this in a really laborious way using a color picker app - now I can use your Chrome extension woohoo 🎉
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@abadesi let the robots do the hard work for you! Colour picker must retire.
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@abadesi Site Palette appreciated tons of PH love. 3 months and 10k users later, we're launching PRO version

Good product, I can see myself using it from time to time


Easy to use, nice idea


Only for Chrome, Safari missed out

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It is a great tool that can be brought into designers and developers' day to day routine. USP: Simplicity in using it :)


Very simple and easy to use



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Love this, awesome idea and nicely executed 👏
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@agurejon thank you sir.
@agurejon please take your time and try the thing out and let me know what we can improve.
Would you consider building an API for this project so I can call Site Palette with a website and it can return to me the colors? It would make for some really cool additional projects!
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@brad_mitchell can do. What’s the use case?
@stas_kulesh A tool to compare a few websites in a specific niche :)
@stas_kulesh @brad_mitchell I'd be interested in this too (and by "interested", I mean would be willing to pay).
@brad_mitchell @dharmesh Exciting! Could you please elaborate more on the feature? What kind of comparison? Any references, existing similar products?
@dharmesh @stas_kulesh Perhaps figure out the color of a specific niche. I would use another API to get say, the top 20 websites in "Education", and then call your API to get the colors of each, and then do some additional work to sort it into something nice.