Site Builder Report

In-depth guide to choosing a website builder

Hi Product Hunt, I'm Steve. I run Site Builder Report. I try to go overboard in testing website builders to discover which one's are good (and which suck). This means I: - Pay for each one with my own credit card to uncover shady billing practices (unfortunately this happens in the website builder space) - Do in-depth reviews that cover themes, features and UX (over the the last 4 years I’ve written over 100 in-depth reviews of website builders— which, at over 100,000 words, is the size of a big book.) - Provide feature comparison, pricing plan comparisons and customer support response time comparisons for readers. I'm always looking at more ways I can help people choose a website builder so feedback would be awesome!
This is good info. I often get asked what I recommend. Good to see my recs agree with yours. :) Is your website builder product still active?
@joshdance Nope— I stopped developing it a few years ago :)
Steve is doing a great job with the website, always unbiased etc. Highly recommend it!
@zorzini Thanks Catalin!
My go to is always: * because it's the best/has the best templats. * If it's an app, I use There's now well over 250 website builders.
This is great—like The Wirecutter for sure builders!