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Good Visualisation + Fair Pricing
Very simple, useful site by @dharmesh. The results for Product Hunt look about right, although the keywords seem a little odd (you're one of the top keywords, @kwdinc!). It's also unclear what "marketing grade" is measured by.
@rrhoover the score is calculated using the same algorithm as HubSpot's other free tool, Marketing Grader -
Thanks for checking it out folks. Wasn't quite ready for all this attention from super-smart folks, but appreciate the feedback. @OssmnShkh: You're right, the "Marketing Grade" does come from our other free tool ( It's a composite score of a bunch of things related to a site's marketing (traffic, social reach, blogging, etc.) I should probably take it out for now, because though *I* find it useful, others will likely be confused by it too.
@OsmnShkh - thanks for the clarification! I totally "lazyweb'd" that. :) @dharmesh - I like your first-person, personal about page and +1 on the price tier names (rookie, sleuth, super spy). When clicking the "get email updates on [site name]," it prompts me to sign in with LinkedIn. Why LI rather than ask for the user's email address? The former introduces more friction and limits your potential audience to LI users, but I'm sure you have a good reason for it.