Star in your very own 90s sitcom intro


Felicia Stamper
Felicia Stamper
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    Funny, Fun to Use



    Bring it back please. I didn’t have it long before it was taken off the App Store

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Abe Storey
Abe StoreyHunter@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
Hey Product Hunt! This is a nifty tool to create Sitcom Intros with your friends. It's also a guaranteed way to be popular on IG. Use it when you're having a like war with a friend! ;) or for tbt moments...
T.D. SHAKES!!!@djwillieshakes · Creator
This is a cool concept. Howeer, im frustrated because I spent $1.99 on an inapp purchase but I can't do anything that I couldn't already do. I can't remove branding or edit the text. This is really misleading if you aren't providing a true custom experience.
Franky Aguilar
Franky Aguilar@deleted-41279 · We out here 👽 Los Angeles
@djwillieshakes good feedback
Franky Aguilar
Franky Aguilar@deleted-41279 · We out here 👽 Los Angeles
Heya, Franky Nines here! Thanks for checking out Sitcomd' a fun lil project we worked on at the @neonroots studio. 90s kid with 90s flavor, we wanted to build something silly that could capture the essence of classic TV radness. Any feedback is appreciated as we are actively working on V2. Check it out, and have fun. Stay tuned... dude.