Stay safe and well while travelling

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If you travel at all, this could come quite handy. Sitata provides travellers up-to-date health and safety advisory about the regions they are travelling to. And since travellers tend to be a helpful group of people, why not tap into that community to get more on-the-ground advice on what to do and what to avoid? The team has got a great story too. "Sitata sprouted roots from a little known Canadian program called GPHIN, or the Global Public Health Intelligence Network. GPHIN was a software system created by Dr. Ronald St. John and his team at Health Canada to monitor the world for infectious disease outbreaks. It was the first digital disease surveillance and detection system ever created and has been noted for the early detection of SARS. Sitata takes the lessons learned from GPHIN and expands upon them. For the average traveller like you, we bring a level of sophistication and care, which was previously only available to corporations and government organizations. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to empower everyone with information, not just the corporate traveller." I'll definitely be using this for some upcoming travel plans.
This is such a smart idea! Can't wait to use it next time I travel.