Sit With Us

Help bullied kids never feel alone during school lunchtime

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@joostschuur Very cool to see! Glad this is getting press 🙏
Good intentions but not a problem that can be solved through technology imo.
@bryantpeng I look forward to seeing your much better solution here on Product Hunt. How about offering some ideas rather than shooting it down with a one liner? That's lame.
@tara Apologies if I came off as blunt, Tara! I think it's an awesome initiative, especially from someone so young. But here's the thing: I don't think you'll ever find a "solution" from me, or anyone, on a tech website like Product Hunt. IMO bullying isn't something that can be solved with an app…it needs to come from efforts by school administration. Not to take away from Natalie's work — it's an impressive first step, but to create lasting change, I think the real-life components (compared to digital ones) are going to need to be in place.
I am just worried that why kids at that age would setup a lunch? That could be an issue but it remains to be confirmed. You need some kind of incentives to have those ambassadors actually take the time to coordinate things. Let me know how it goes though. It is an interesting problem.
@cemedericarak adults don't give kids enough credit.
would have really loved this as a kid as I got bullied for years. I'll support anything that helps the cause
This is such a great initiative!
@aurorakb Totally agree, I think that the kids of this & future generations with this kind of moves/ initiatives can "change the world"