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Really excited to finally launch this! @ricburton and I have been building Sit since late last year. It's gone through a few iterations and it's finally to a place where we're really happy with it and use it nearly everyday. We couldn't find a meditation app that was simple and well-designed, so we made one ourselves! I'll be in the comments all day so AMA
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@fciotola @zackshapiro Thanks for letting us know. Sorry we didn't see this.
Sit's an awesome product — I've been beta testing it for a few months and really enjoying it. The app has an awesome design, with great chimes, a super easy timer, and a nice little journal at the end of each session. It's even gotten me into the habit of meditation, so 👏 👏 for @zackshapiro and @ricburton!
@lachlanjc thanks bud!
@lachlanjc Thanks dude! 👊
I've been saying I want to meditate and looked at a few apps. Simplicity is absolutely key...or else I'm just introducing more tech in between me and a non-tech related goal. So this looks really cool and I look forward to trying it out! Question for you: what didn’t you include / decide to cut to keep it simple? Best of luck!
@odower Awesome, Andy. I hope you'll give Sit a try! Sit is three things: 1) A timer 2) A journal 3) A set of past sessions, streaks, and journal entries We wanted to build a tool that you could open and get started in one tap, every time. Simplicity came first and foremost. I wanted to write down thoughts that came to me and see some nice data about streaks, time of each session, etc. In terms of things we didn't include, Sit doesn’t ask for your name, email, location, phone number, or credit card number. It doesn’t send push notifications or emails, ever. It's incredibly private and all about you. That's really important to us.
This is great, I'm going to check it out. Meditation is key!
I'm downloading it today. This seems like a perfect app for self-guided meditation.