Sismics Docs

Lightweight full-featured document management system 📁

Sismics Docs is a simple to use document management system but yet packed with features:

- Workflow

- Import from several sources (mail inbox, filesystem, API)

- Fine control over user access

- Audit trail

- Optical character recognition (OCR)

- File encryption and 2FA

- Tagging, commenting, sharing

Check out the demo on our website and start a free 30-days trial.

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Hi! I'm the maker of Sismics Docs. This project started as a side-project to help me organize my stuff, then it became our internal DMS for our company. We are now trying to make it as good as possible for everyone. Feel free to check out the demo on our website, and ask any question. I'll do my best to answer ;)
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Great job!! Availability on which platform?😊 Is there any free or basic version to use it .
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@ayush_chandra Thanks! We are hosting the app ourself on our cloud, or you can host it yourself on any system (It's written in Java). Anyway it's web based, so accessible from everywhere :-) Checkout the Github repo:

support for Linux, Windows, Android and many other nice functions to speed up office work


Easy to use, modern, quick, made with love - a lot of handy features


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Hi, Recently i installed Teedy docker container, it seems a very promising tool for team documentation. I am looking for information about how to access the database behind Teedy but could not find any information. Can someone tell me where is the database installed in docker container and how can i access it for adminstration purposes? Thanks?